A methodical and systematic approach is essential for a sensible breeding of the Akita race. The keeping of a central archive with a special gene data bank for our Akita is indispensable and part of our breeding foundation.
For dog breeding, the findings of science and research are more important than ever and are an essential part of today's breeding activities.
Especially in our part of the world, a dog's socialization is of special significance. The socially acceptable dog, which is not only raised in accordance with animal protection laws but also lives with us humans free of troubles, must be a special breeding objective.

The magic triangle consisting of



KEEPING                      TRAINING


is always a strategic program for a healthy and socially competent Akita, which cope effortlessly with an environment characterized by human needs.
To achieve this breeding objective, we closely cooperate with Dr. Udo Gansloßer, assistant professor of zoology at Greifswald university.