The Japan Akita e.V. (JA) was established on the 27th of May 2007 in Kirchheim/Hessen by dedicated breeders and enthusiastic fanciers of the breed. We wanted to form a Club that solely and exclusively concentrates on the interests of the breed “Akita”. To clarify its origin the race is also commonly referred to as the Japanese Akita, which ultimately gave our Club its name. One year after foundation the Club already counts 71 members.

The JA is a member of the “Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V.” (VDH), the “Fédération Cynologique Internationale” (FCI) and the “Gesellschaft zur Förderung Kynologischer Forschung e.V. (GKF). Within the VDH we are currently the only Club that is exclusively concerned with the pure breed of the race Akita, following the Standard No. 255 which is deposited with the FCI. The JA is acknowledged as charitable and administrates its own stud book.

Breeding Akitas that reflect the Standard with well-balanced character and a good socialization are essential goals. We emphasize health, behaviour and upbringing. It takes a lot of idealism to implement all of this and to accomplish it we need a direct connection to science and research, which is why we work closely with evolutionary biologists and behavioural scientists.

Regular Club meetings offer various possibilities to exchange knowledge and experience and to build friendships. The personal contact to other Akita-owners and breeders is very important to us.

Mutual support and constructive teamwork in order to realize our shared goals is self evident.